Plympton Victoria Rugby Club

Affiliated to the Plymouth R.F.U. Combination, Devon R.F.U. and English R.F.U.

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Team Jan 2008 first outing in new kit, at Marsh Mills

Back L - R; Geoff 'Tug' Wilson  Allan Wright, Andy Ball, Mark Hewitt, Chris Hunt, Lee Noak, Jan Dewar, Kev Jefferies, Andy Witts, Wayne Mackie,

'Black Mac' McCleggan, Paul 'Percy' Wright


Front L - R;  Owen Davis, Kev Ostick, Gareth Jones, Paul Reid, 'Stretch' King,  Kirk Sherridan, Marc Couzens,  Neil Wright, Andy Robinson





7s Team May '09. Plate runners up

Back: Andy Witts, Paul 'Percy' Wright, Barry Sullivan, Tom Pugh, Alan Hughes

Front: Ash;ey Atkins, Kirk Sheridan, 'Barney' Owles, Matt Lavers



Team Dec 2007  prior to playing North Tawton at Marsh Mills

Back L - R;   Allan Wright, Craig Hunt, Steve Gunn, Jan Dewar, Wayne Teare, Kev Jefferies, Bruce Walmsley,  Paul 'Percy' Wright, 'Black Mac' McCleggan,  Mike Hewitt,


Front L - R;  Neil Wright, Mark Hewitt, Marc Couzens, 'Barney' Owles, 'Max' Boyce, Chris Hunt, Owen Davis, Kirk Sherridan






Team  Dec 2006


Back L - R;   John 'Taff' Newall, Paul 'Percy' Wright, Allan Wright, Tony 'Stretch' King, Kev Jefferies, Mark Hewitt, Geoff 'Tug' Wilson,

Chris Roud, Ben Towle, Stuart Jones, Andy Witts, Kev Ostick.

Front L - R;  Wayne Mackie, Charles McClusky, Eddie Wrigglesworth, Neil Wright, Bruce Walmsley, Dave Field, Shane 'Joe' Wortley



Plympton Victoria RFC, at the RNEC Cup final  2005-2006 season

Back Row: 'Ted' Webb, Chris Roud, Allan Wright, Tony (Stretch) King, Martin Browne, Mark Hewitt, 'Max' Boyce, Ty Botha, Andy Witts, Dave Espin,      Craig Hunt, Ben Towle, Dave Caville, Martin Holgate, Gareth Espin.  
Front Row: Doug Galbraith, ‘Ned’ Kelly, Chris Hunt (Capt), Nigel (H) Hogate, Paul (Percy) Wright,  [Lee Ainsley out of shot, seeing the MO]


Team 2005 - 2006 season (in change kit) prior to home fixture against Salcombe



Paul 'Dicky' Dickinson, landlord of the Sir Joshua Reynolds presenting new change kit to captain & Chairman

 Chris Hunt and Chris Roud  2005 - 2006 season



Plympton Victoria RFC, 2004-2005 season
Back Row: ‘Shiner’ Wright, Ben Crane, Ty Botha, Lee Randles, Martin Browne, Nick Lomax, Tony (Stretch) King,
Chris Roud, Paul (Percy) Wright, Lee Ainsley
Front Row: Steve Young, Si Bates, Ian Sutton, ‘Ned’ Kelly, Chris Hunt (Capt), Ian Wright, ‘ Taff’ Oakley, Ben Towle, Gary (Doc) Livingstone, Neil Wright, Dave Field



Team 2003 - 2004 Season


Team March 2003 at Teignmouth


Plym Vic with players from Tamar Saracens, Ivybridge and others, after our 2003 charity game


Prior to our 'four legged' pub crawl for "Children in Need", at the George (Plympton). 2002




Team  2001 - 2002 Season



The Team in May 2000 after winning the Pederick cup.


The Team in 1999 away to DHSOB




Team away to Totnes in 1997



Plympton RFC circa 1989


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